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Chart of Accounts (#ACTCOA01)

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  • This article refers to accounting terminology and requires setup in both StorMan & your accounting software. You may wish to have your accountant on hand during the setup process.


Accessing the Chart of Accounts

  1. Select Accounting, then Chart of Accounts.
  2. The Chart of Accounts dialog will now open...Chart of Accounts
    • Account is used to show the account number relating to the corresponding item within the chart of accounts.
    • Type shows the type of account this item is assigned to. A number of options are available and these are shown below (please refer to the next screenshot; below).
    • Description shows the description assigned to this account within the chart of accounts.
    • Add New Account will open the screen shown below (please refer to the next screenshot; below) and allows you to add a new entry to your chart of accounts.
    • Modify lets you edit the highlighted record.
    • Print will print the chart of accounts table in its entirety (including any notes assigned to each item).
    • Import chart is used to import the Chart of Accounts into StorMan in a Tab-separated or SYLK format. The format required in this file is: Account Number (Max 10 Chars), Account Name (Max 35) and Account Type (Max 2); headers are NOT to be included.
  3. As per above, when clicking Add New Account or Modify, the following dialog appears...Chart of Accounts
    • Account number is used to enter the number that you wish to assign to this particular item on your chart of accounts.
    • Report name is used to identify which site the Account belongs to (by way of the Facility Code).
    • Description is used for describing the account. This will show on various reports.
    • Account type is used to tell StorMan what type of account this item is. References to allowable characters are provided underneath the field. Keep in mind that some account types need to be unique - in these instances you'll only be allowed to enter one in your chart of accounts.
    • Opening balance is used to enter the opening balance for this item in your chart of accounts, if any. This field is only used for Bank & Checking (e.g. B1, B2, etc) type accounts.
    • Bank balance date is the last opening date. This changes with the Opening Balance. This field is only used for Bank & Checking (e.g. B1, B2, etc) type accounts.
    • Actual YTD is the sum of all the balances for the account over the financial period (this field is calculated when running the GL Report).
    • Budget YTD is what was budgeted for that account (this field is calculated when running the GL Report).
  4. Click Done.
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