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Setting up Access Control - via Paxton Net2 (#ACCSPX201)

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Setting up Paxton Net2

  1. Select Maintenance, then Access Control Setup.
  2. Configure your Access Control setup screens as shown below (screenshots of both Tab 1 & Tab 2 are provided)...Tab 1 - DigiGateTab 2 - DigiGateNote: Please check with your installer to ensure these settings will work with your system.
  3. Once setup, click OK.
  4. Start the GateInterface.exe program and click on Settings.
  5. Enter the settings for connecting to your net2 system; the defaults are as follows... Note: The masked password shown below is net2). Note: The File location field needs to match the file location set in StorMan on tab 2 (the Advanced Setup tab); above. Gate Interface settings
  6. Click Save, then switch to the Status tab and click Start.
  7. Test the system with your installer to ensure that the systems are communicating correctly.



If Paxton is not updating, try the following...
  • Check the username and password set in the GateInterface.exe program.
  • If necessary setup a new operator in Paxton.


If a duplicate PIN is stopping the updated record, try the following...

  • Change the customers PIN code in StorMan and try again.


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