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Setting up the flat-file access control system export (#ACCSFFS01)

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Setting up the flat file system

If you do not run one of StorMan's supported access control systems (find out more about the systems we support: #ACCSUPS01), you can still use StorMan to communicate with an access control system via a flat-file interface, so long as that interface can input and output files in the format that StorMan expects (see below).

In the past, some users have written special 'listening' applications that sit in the middle acting as a 'translator' - translating the data from the access control system into a StorMan readable format, and vise-versa for the output from StorMan.

When using a flat-file system, ensure you select 'Generic' as your gate system type in StorMan's Access Control Setup dialog.


Output from StorMan

The output file from StorMan will appear as follows. The access control system you use will need to be configured to read this file using the variables and data-types as outlined in the table below.

Description Length Type Range Comment
Unit Number 6 Alphanumeric 000001 - ZZZZZZ Right justify with leading spaces
PIN 10 Alphanumeric 0000000000 to 9999999999 Right justify with leading spaces
Name 19 Alphanumeric   Left justify with trailing spaces
Not Used 178 Blank spaces    
Time Zone 2 Alphanumeric 00 - 63  
Not Used 14 Blank spaces    
Status 1 Alphanumeric 0, 1, or 2 0 = Vacant
1 = Rented
2 = Delinquent
4 = Vacate Other Authorize
5= Rent Other Authorised
Keypad Zone 2 Alphanumeric 00 - 63 00 Default to all keypads
Not Used 4 Alphanumeric 0000  


Input to StorMan

The input file that StorMan will expect, is as follows. The access control system you use will need to be configured to output this file exactly as outlined in the table below. Note that each field will need to be separated with a semi-colon.

Description Length Type Range Comment
Not Used 2 Alphanumeric 99  
Month 1-2 Alphanumeric 1-12  
Day 1-2 Alphanumeric 1-31  
Year 4 Alphanumeric 1000-9999  
Hour 1-2 Alphanumeric 0-23  
Minute 1-2 Alphanumeric 0-59  
Gate Number 1-2 Alphanumeric 1-99  
PIN Entered 1-10 Alphanumeric 0-9999999999 0 for no PIN
Unit Number 1-9 Alphanumeric    
Action 25 Alphanumeric   Use the following, anything not specified can be entered as you wish:

Customer enters valid PIN: Valid password entered
Customer enters valid PIN but is locked out: Delinquent
Customer enters invalid PIN: Bad password
Anything to do with an alarm: Alarm (followed by further description e.g. Alarm Unit)

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