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Setting up Access Control - generalised article (#ACCSUAC01)

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  • This is a generalised article that details all of the relevant access control setup sections. For detailed, brand-specific setup guides, please refer to the links via knowledgebase article #ACCSUPS01.

Setting up Access Control

Before you can access this section within StorMan, you will need to have purchased an Access Control module from StorMan Software (you can do this via the myStorMan online store). For more information, please contact us.


How to setup Access Control (generalised instructions)

  1. Select Maintenance, then Access Control Setup.
  2. The Access Control Setup screen (as shown below) will now open. Configure your General Setup options as per the information provided below the screenshot... Access Control Setup
    • The Turn gate on when StorMan starts checkbox, when enabled, will automatically switch the access control system (in StorMan) on, each time you start StorMan.
    • Gate System Brand shows the brand of access control system you have linked up to StorMan (find out more about the systems we support: #ACCSUPS01). If this is incorrect, or needs changing, please contact us. The small box next to it is the corresponding brand code.
    • Last gate log date & Last gate log time show the date and time when StorMan last received gate log data from your access control system.
    • Gate Remote Names are the names of the gates, so when they are read in the gatelog it displays the gate names rather than just numbers (find out how to set these up: #ACCRN01).
    • Gate is Off / Gate is On shows the current status of the access control system. Click this button to switch it to the opposite setting.
  3. Once you have configured this screen, click on the Advanced Setup tab (as shown below), to configure these options as per the information provided below the screenshot...Access Control Setup
    • The Log File field allows you to select the log file that StorMan needs to import from your access control system software. This field only displays for certain brands of gate systems (find out more about the brands we support: #ACCSUPS01).
    • The Output File field allows you to select the location where StorMan should dump the output file that your access control software is to read. This field only displays for certain brands of gate systems (find out more about the brands we support: #ACCSUPS01). This file usually contains Customer and PIN data when you move a new Customer into StorMan, and ensures that the PIN you have specified for them in StorMan is sent to the access control system.

    Fields within the Settings & Options section hide and show depending on the brand of gate system you use - as not all options are supported by all access control systems...

    • The Letter is first digit of Berth (aka Letter is first digit of Unit, Letter is first digit of Vault) checkbox, when enabled, tells PTI Direct that the first digit is a letter (PTI Direct uses numbers only).
    • The Prefix PIN with Berth No (aka Prefix PIN with Unit No, Prefix PIN with Vault No) checkbox, when enabled, will prefix the PIN with the Berth / Unit / Vault number.
    • The Lock out prior to Move-In checkbox, when enabled, sets the Berth / Unit / Vault to "'locked" until the date of the Customer's move in. This is only supported by Falcon Direct & Access Ezy systems.
    • If your MultiView head office is connected to a gate system, the Download Berths for all MultiView sites (aka Download Units for all MultiView sites, Download Vaults for all MultiView sites) checkbox, when enabled, will send all site's access control data to the one access control program. This is only supported by the Access Ezy system.
    • The Prox Card Compatibility checkbox, when enabled, removes the "minimum PIN length" check.
    • The Alarm On in Vacant Berths (aka Alarm On in Vacant Units, Alarm On in Vacant Vaults)checkbox, when enabled, sets any vacant Berths / Units / Vaults to be alarmed.
    • The Convert Date checkbox, when enabled, converts the date when reading a file from US format. This is only supported by Falcon 2000.
    • The Disable OnSite Status checkbox, when enabled, disables the reading of gate files setting Berths / Units / Vaults to the "OnSite" status. This is generally used for sites that don’t have an exit gate).
    • The Destination File field appears only when you do not use the Falcon Direct system, and allows you to set the location of the file that is sent from StorMan to the Access Control system.
  4. Once setup, click OK.




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