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About myStorMan

myStorMan is a client support and services portal, designed for users of StorMan’s software applications. The portal provides access to our changelog (log of recent changes made in the software program), software manuals, details on our current network / email / phone-system status and an archive of training videos & PowerSession recordings.

You’ll also find our online forms, the myStorMan online store, a list of useful links and our massive searchable technical support knowledgebase – with hundreds of articles on just about every StorMan topic – most with screenshots and / or how-to movies and guides.


To ensure the best experience with the portal, we recommend that you log in using your 5-digit site code and website password (use the links provided to find out how to locate your 5-digit site code and website password). New or potential customers will obviously not have a 5-digit site code, but can still access myStorMan via the simplified mode.This mode will permit access to most areas of myStorMan, but will redirect users back to the login screen if they attempt to access something that is intended only for licenced users.

Should you have any questions, or if you require assistance using myStorMan, please contact us.


View the myStorMan video

On Wednesday October 20th, 2010 we held a free StorMan webcast on the topic "What's new in myStorMan 2.0"; which covered some of the features found on myStorMan (this website). You can download / view the webcast recording below...


Our Support Plans

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Contacting StorMan Software

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